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Starting January 1, 2021, Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. is unable to accept treated wood waste for disposal.

Changes in State law have banned the disposal of treated wood in regular solid waste landfills and will impose significant new requirements on anyone who uses, stores, transports, and disposes of treated wood. If treated wood enters Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. after December 31, 2020, the load will be rejected. There will be no exceptions.

Treated wood is any wood that has been treated with a chemical preservative to protect the wood against attacks from insects, microorganisms, or fungi. It is typically used in outdoor applications such as fences, decks, stairways, etc.

Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. has applied for a variance with the state and awaiting approval.  Anyone wishing to dispose of treated wood waste at Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. once the variance is approved by the state will be required to also apply for and receive a variance with DTSC at:

For questions about responsible disposal of treated wood waste, contact your local Environmental Health Department or the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. 

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Potrero Hills Landfill is harvesting gas emissions as a renewable energy source for electricity. Forty percent of the power for homes and industry in the City of Suisun comes from the
Potrero Hills Landfill.
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Community Driven

Potrero Hills has been an active community partner throughout the Suisun city over the last four decades, with significant support of our local neighbors in Fairfield & Vacaville.

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Potrero Hills only accepts non-hazardous solid waste for disposal.


Potrero Hills Landfill aligns our goals for the sustainability of resources in the community.

Importance of safety

We strive to assure complete safety of our employees, our customers and the public in all of our operations. Protection from accident or injury is paramount in all we do. Please review our safety video in preparation of visiting our site.

Potrero Hills has been in continuous operation for more than 40 years and is owned and operated by Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company.

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